My Career

Over twenty years of diversified experience in software engineering, including ten years in dotNet programming as a SharePoint Developer and Office Project Server Administrator. A strong sense of responsibility with a proven track record on a variety of projects that involved signal processing, medical systems, simulations, CAI, machine vision, and database systems. Highly reliable and committed to timely delivery of projects. Technical areas of expertise include: C#, C/C++, Java, DotNet, Framework, SQL, X-WINDOWS, MFC, STL, Linux, MS-Windows, Solaris, MS-DOS, on a variety of hardware.
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A diversified education in engineering, technology and the mental health sciences.


“... he has been steadfast in his focus on career objectives, demonstrating repeatedly that he has the ability to update and expand his expertise in response to industry dynamics.”

Dr. Robert K. Plice

“The RW Beck team won the Program Management assignment with the Tarrant Regional Water District, Fort worthy, TX. to support a $2 billion infrastructure program. ...Gustavo Garcia and Keith Anderson were key in supporting Brad Dunn of the RW Beck team in winning the Program Management assignment.”

SAIC Homeland Protection & Preparedness

“IPP InSite truly provides a method of planning and executing a program based on what is forecasted rather than by just looking in the 'rear view 'mirror' at data and status that are 30-days old.”

Laura M. Obloy, Jon H. Brundage, Jason McCarthy, and Jeff Tasca.